About Sophia Tschida CD(DONA).

"She has a natural ability to remain calm and collected and listen to your needs. We never felt that she judged us or our plans for our birth. She helped us think about things we weren’t preparing for and made space for our unique experience" - MT

Doula work is a passion born of my own journey into womanhood, and my experiences watching friends navigate the path into woman and motherhood.

Experiences I had during my teens and early twenties lead me to seek out support in the form of community with other women. I found deep healing and growth within these sacred circles, and ignited a fire within me to begin the work of holding space. I wanted to provide other women in my community with a safe, non-judgmental place to just be. Be in their process, be in their skin, feel safe, feel loved, feel heard. Doula work felt like a culmination of all of these elements. It just fit me like a glove. 

My first experience attending a birth was a powerful and illuminating experience. I knew in my bones this was exactly where I needed to be, like I was born to do this work. I felt so natural and at ease in the birthing room - calm, confident, present. I felt like I was tapping into ancestral wisdom and strength. I felt called to begin to cultivate my natural ability to care for others and hold space for sacred experience.

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In my personal Doula Practice, I honor a deep commitment to facilitate safe and sacred space for my clients birth experience. I provide compassionate birth support to my clients and their families, and the resources they need to confidently and courageously make decisions. I believe in my clients ability to trust their intuition, and to make their own informed decisions about their own bodies. I believe that empowerment comes from within, and in my practice I stand in support of my clients own personal inwards journey to find that power, and to find their voice. My intention is to honor, support and encourage that process, wherever it starts.

I am an artist, amateur herbalist and wildcrafter. I am deeply connected with the moon and sea. I love to hang out with my dog, learn about plants and magic, travel, work in my garden, cook for friends and family, be barefoot in the forest, and be as cozy as possible. I live in a 114 year old farm house on Bainbridge Island with my partner, Charlie, and our dog, Rosie.

I am now contracting with The Swedish Birth and Bereavement Doula Program, a community based program working autonomously from, and in collaboration with, Swedish Hospital First Hill and Ballard. Our program also offers Birth and Postpartum Support free of charge to families who qualify. View the programs Annual Report from 2018 for a summary of our progress last year.

Why Wolf moon?

The name “Wolf Moon” was inspired by the Moon Goddess Artemis. Artemis is a huntress, protector of wildlands and animals, women and girls. She is also a midwife goddess. She is usually depicted with a stag or dog as her companion, but I choose to see her running with the wolves. Wolves embody quiet strength and resilience. They are fierce, loyal, and loving mothers to their cubs.

I have always had a deep connection to my ancestors, specifically the lineage of women on my mother’s side. I recently found out more about that lineage - My mother’s family is descendent from an ancient Samnite tribe from the Apennine mountains of southern Italy called the Hirpini, which is devired from the Oscan “Hirpus”, which translates to “Wolf." It is written that the Hirpini people were nomads, until the wolves of guided them to settle in that region. I am constantly finding out more and more about my deep connection to these powerful, beautiful animals.

Wolf Moon Doula came to fruition in January of 2017. The ancient name given to January’s full Moon and corresponding cycle by the Indigenous people of what is now the Northern United States is "Wolf Moon.” Wolf Moon Doula lives and works on the occupied ancestral Salish Coast Tribal Lands of the Suquamish, Duwamish, and Twana/Skokomish people. To find out what tribal territory you live on, visit: native-land.ca

Training and experience:

  • DONA International Birth Doula Training at the Penny Simkin Center - Bastyr University, Kenmore, WA.

  • DONA International Certified Birth Doula.

  • Childbirth International Birth Doula Training - In Progress.

  • Childbirth International Beyond Boundaries Retreat -Bali, Indonesia.

  • Placenta Encapsulation with Carrie Kenner of Big Belly Services - Seattle, WA.

  • Journey Through the Pelvis Workshop with Carrie Kenner of Big Belly Services - Seattle, WA.

  • Supporting Families in Grief Workshop with Carrie Kenner of Big Belly Services - Seattle, WA.

  • When Survivors Give Birth: Understanding and Healing the Effects of Early Sexual Abuse on Childbearing Women Training with Penny Simkin and Phyllis Klaus - Bastyr University, Kenmore, WA.

  • Spinning Babies Workshop with Tammy Ryan - Victoria, B.C.

  • Spinning Babies Workshop with Rachel Shapiro - Edmunds, WA.

  • Midwife Assistant Basic Training with Ashley Jones, LM - Port Orchard, WA 

  • Assistant; Childbirth Education Home and Birth Center 8 week Series with Penny Simkin, Center for Birth - Seattle, WA. 

  • Working with Clients Experiencing Addiction and Recovery - Swedish Hospital, Ballard, WA.

  • Events and outreach committee member for Peninsula Birth Network - Kitsap County, WA.

  • Lead Event Coordinator and Lead marketing/social media team for Peninsula Birth and Baby Expo - Kitsap County, WA.

  • Swedish Hospital Doula Program, First Hill and Ballard Campus - Seattle, WA.  

  • Swedish Doula Program Leadership Committee - Seattle, WA.