Birth Doula and Placenta Encapsulator Sophia Tschida.

Wolf Moon Doula honors a deep commitment to facilitate safe space for your birth experience. I provide judgment free, unconditional support, and the resources  you need to confidently and courageously make informed decisions about your pregnancy, birth, and beyond. I take pride in providing access to support to all birthing people and their diverse family structures, regardless of race, religion, income, age, marital status, language, gender identity or sexuality. I provide payment plans and discounts for low income folks.

supporting your autonomy - building trust - connecting resources

What is a Doula? Birth Doulas provide emotional, physical, and informational support to childbearing individuals, during pregnancy, during labor and birth, and after your baby is born. A doula will work with you throughout your pregnancy to help you prepare for your birth. Your Doula will discuss your birth vision and preferences with you, hold space for you to process emotions, and provide information and resources that will help you prepare for labor, birth and beyond. During labor, a Doula will stay with you for the entire length of your labor and birth process. A Doula can help to support you during labor by providing assistance with pain coping techniques including breathing and relaxation practices, and positions. A doula will help you make autonomous and informed decisions. After your baby is born, your Doula will visit you in your home to check in, hold space for processing your birth, and to discuss feeding, sleep issues, answer any other questions you have, and to provide you with resources moving forward. Your Doula will also be available for phone or email support throughout your pregnancy and several weeks into the postpartum period. Doulas do not provide or carry out any medical support, but will work along side your care providers to make sure that you know your options. Doulas attend all types of  births at home, birth centers, or in hospital.

COntinuous support improves outcomes.

Research shows that having a doula can result in…

  • Shorter, less complicated labor

  • Increased satisfaction with the birth experience

  • Reduced need for interventions

  • Fewer requests for pain medication and epidurals

  • Reduced likelihood of postpartum depression

I am here to listen. I am here to witness your strength. I am here to make space for your vulnerability.